RB Cam Trigger Kits

NZ Wiring Custom Trigger System for RB Engines

NZ designed and made.

About the kit,
This is an upgrade for that 20+year old factory cam angle sensor.
It replaces the factory system with a 24 minus 1 disc with a Bosch VR reluctor sensor.
Its a complete bolt and plug in system and can be fitted and back up and running in as little as 15 mins making it a perfect upgrade for anything from 150kw RB20DET to a 600kw RB32 with out the expense of a full aftermarket crank trigger kit
It can stay with you as you change engines as the same kit works for any of the RB twin cam engines.
It works with Stock, HKS, Tomei and Greddy cam gears.

Benfits of the kit (once tuned for)
Improved RPM stability, resulting in more accurate ignition timing, stable fueling.
Smoother torque and power delivery
There is no guarantee of power gains how ever typically the gains are around 15-30kw and upwards of 120kw have been seen with only fitting the trigger kit with tuning.

Whats in the kit

  • Bosch VR sensor with OE connector
  • 24 Minus 1 trigger wheel
  • Billet mounting plate
  • 4x stainless button head bolts and washers
  • 1x stainless shim (should not be required but supplied in case)
  • 1x OE loom side connector with pins and seals.

Known Supported ECU’s who can run the kit.

  • Link G3, G4 and G4+
  • Haltech Elite and platinum sport (Haltech plug in does not)
  • Emtron
  • Motec hundred series
  • Maxx ECU

Known ECU’s who can’t run it.

  • Haltech Plug in
  • Nistune
  • Apexi Power FC
  • AEM ECUs
  • ECU Masters

You can Purchase the kit HERE


Can I run sequential injection and direct spark with a single sensor?
Yes because the missing tooth is located on the cam shaft the ECU sees it once in the 720 degree cycle.

My ECU is not on the supported list. How can I find out if it will work?
Your best to either email me, or your ECU supplier for confirmation about if  its supported.

Can you run the kit with out a top cambelt cover?
Yes, the kit is designed to be run with or with out the top cover as it bolts directly to the alloy mounting bracket.

Is there any other parts or work required to fit the kit?
No, the kit is provided with every bolt, washer, and connectors required. The fitment instructions are emailed when the kit is sold

If the cover is removed and refitted will the timing change?
If removed, the timing may move 1 degree either way which can easily be reset with a timing light.