NZ Wiring & Performance Team

Hello I am Geoff, the Director of NZ Wiring and Performance.

I have had a passion for cars since I was young, The bug for modification really bit when I got my first R33 Skyline, A factory manual RB20E 4 door skyline
Over the 10years I owned it, it had a range of motors starting from 77kw RB20E, 120kw RB30DE, 325kw RB25DET, 320kw 1JZGTE VVTi and 350kw 1.5JZGTE vvti.
It also saw a few colour changes from silver, to black and finally orange.

I’m now in the process of building a 2JZ powered E90 BMW filled with parts from some of the best companies around the world, mixed in with some custom CNC parts made by me and fabrication by some Local businesses.

I have been in the performance industry for over a decade now, having spent a lot of time around the dyno from helping to design performance packages and fault finding. I have also spent time helping out different drivers over 5 seasons of D1NZ.

These days my focus is to deliver the best electrical work for my customers, I’m also enjoying expanding my skills and knowledge as I go. I have also been making my own custom parts which can be seen right around the world which is quite humbling for me.